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Support Opportunities

With the International Circus Hall of Fame being found inside nearly 100 year old buildings, repairs are always needed somewhere. You can help. Simply select an item would like to help with and donate the needed funds. You’re donations are being made to the International Circus Hall of Fame, a 501 c 3 organization, and may be tax deductible, depending on the laws in your state.


1.) A Gallon of Exterior Paint – $32.00




2.) A Five Gallon bucket of Exterior Paint – $125.00.



3.) A bundle of Shingles – $ 32.00



4.) A square of Shingles ( three Bundles ) – $95.00



5.) A sheet of Plywood for the roof. – $ 30.00



6.) A roof rafter – 2″ x 8″ x  16 feet long – $20.00


7.) Repair a Barn Window – $150.00


8.) Buy a Directional Highway sign from the State of Indiana – $300.00

  • Receive a Sig Sautelle Coffee Cup and a Family Pass for 2018.


9.) Misc. costs – This includes anything from nails and screws to tarpaper, equipment rental, storage rental during repairs, etc. – $100.00


10.) Labor costs – $100.00


11.) Labor costs – $300.00

  • Receive one Sig Sautelle Coffee Cup and a Family Pass for 2018.


12.) Labor costs – $500.00*

  • * Receive two Sig Sautelle Coffee Cups, a Family pass for 2018, a T-Shirt and a Circus Music CD..

We realize that some people prefer not to use PayPal. That’s OK. You can mail a check or Money order directly to:

Circus Hall of Fame, 3076 E. Circus Lane, Peru, IN. 46970

Simply mark what you are wanting your donation to be used for.