International Circus Hall of Fame

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Goals and Projects for 2017.

               Goals and Projects
                       During the year 2017
Project Not started Working on Completed
1 Replace all display Flags X
2 Space and set New Flag Poles along the Driveway X
3 Inventory the Gift Shop X
4 Clean the Tom Dunwoody model from the inside X
5 Repair and repaint the Pumpkin Coach X
6 Repair three wheels on the Robbins Bros. Baggage Wagon X
7 Replace the Cage # 50 undergear with Spring gear X
8 Look at torn Big Top to determine if it can be fixed X
9 Send to Junkyard, two semi trailers that leak badly X
10 Clean Debris from around the old junk wagons pile X
11 Repaint Concession stand and sign X
12 Repaint various signs for around Hall of Fame X
13 Get estimate to restore ACC Main Office Building X
14 Get estimate to restore both big barns and corn crib X
15 Start a Go Fund Me Page for Office Restoration. X
16 Redesign and update website X
17 Add educational signage to Buildings X
18 Repaint Wixom Cage X
19 New material on Betty Hutton Float X
20 Apply warning lettering to Ringling wagons X
21 Repaint the RBBB Clown Panel at the Front Office X
22 Repaint the Sign turning in from Rt. 124 X