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Goals and Projects for 2018.

               Goals and Projects
                       During the year 2018
Project Not started Working on Completed
1 Put new Building Location signs in place X
2 Remove Steel arena from Display X
3 Attend 100th Anniversary of Showman’s Rest X
4 Clean the Tom Dunwoody model from the inside X
5 New tires, sandblast and paint RBBB Bandstand X
6 Repair one wheel on the Robbins Bros. Baggage Wagon X
7 Replace the Cage # 50 undergear with Spring gear X
8 New material on Betty Hutton Float is hemmed X
9 Cut the tree out of the long cage in back X
10 Update Website X
11 Repaint Concession stand for Dowtown X
12 Repaint the Sign turning in from Rt. 124 X
13 Repaint the RBBB Clown Panel at the Front Office X
14 Repaint the Mack Truck cab X
15 Repair Mack Truck engine X
16 Paint bottom ammo cage panel X
17 CMB wagon moved out front X
18 Sig Sautelle has gold leaf added X
19 Henry Keys Music collection is sorted out X
20 CHOF Concession stand in place for summer use X