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Additional News!


Work Week May 19th – 25th , 2019

The original wagon building shop of the American Circus Corporation in Peru, Indiana was painted the last week of May, 2019. The rains prevented us from getting all that we wanted done, but we finally started to get some paint on the barn and the old Office building.

Our annual work week at the International Circus Hall of Fame will be held during the week of May 19th – 25th. Volunteers and Board members will be there from around the country to help clean-up, make improvements, paint etc. One of our major efforts will be working on the old Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Bandstand wagon. New wheels and bearings have already been installed. Replacing some pieces of metal will be required along with a sandblasting and painting. Plan on joining us that week and be part of the circus experience. Help us for an hour, maybe a day, or possibly all week, what ever your schedule will allow.


Wheels are fixed

The Robbins Bros. Baggage wagon wheels have been rebuilt and repaired. They have been painted and will have this wagon rolling in the Parade on July 21,2018.

Volunteers at Work!

Volunteers are the backbone of any successful operation or organization. We are fortunate to have Dennis Eckersley along with Regine Brindle and Billie Simmons Rockey out at the Circus Hall of Fame for the last few days cleaning up, painting, planting flowers and More. Thank you all!

Sig Sautelle Band Chariot Returns

The Sig Sautelle Band Chariot returned to the International Circus Hall of Fame on Friday June 23, 2017 after nearly a two year absence being on display in State Museums in Indianapolis. we look forward to seeing it in the Circus City Festival parade again on Saturday, July 22nd.

Clean -up Week

A crew of dedicated helpers enlisted some heavy equipment to clean up around the International Circus Hall of Fame during the week of June 5th, 2017. Two semi trailers that were falling apart were unloaded of their holdings, then dismantled and hauled away. A bus was unusable and taken away along with loads of scrap, debris and vegetation. The Circus Hall of Fame definitely looks much better. NO artifacts were affected and there was NO cost to the Circus Hall of Fame for the Clean-up.

Work Week at the Circus Hall of Fame – 2017

It is work week at the International Circus Hall of Fame. A small crew of dedicated volunteers are making some repairs, doing some new construction and painting a few things this week.

Friday – May 5th

Well, it didn’t rain all day today so some more grass was cut. The historical signs were attached to the existing buildings today. More basic cleaning up occurred in both the Wagon barn and the shop area. The help of John Wright, Mike Butash, Dom Yodice, Dennis Eckersley, Bob and Kay Sapita, Armando Ortiz and Regine Brindle has been greatly appreciated.

Thursday – May 4th

It poured rain almost all day today. Not much is being done outside, so with all of this rain, many projects have been put off. The Tom Dunwoody model of the Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus is still being cleaned by Regine Brindle of Peru who had Dana Biddle from Peru help her today. Bob and Kay Sapita are here. Dominic Yodice kept working on the Ammo cages panels for the # 77 Pygmy Hippo Ammo Cage. Mike Butash finished working in the Gift Shop. There was lots of straightening up and sorting out going on in the shop and the wagon barn. This photo is courtesy of John Wright.

Wednesday – May 3rd

Yeah, the sun came out. John Wright was able to get the holes drilled in the ground and all the flagpoles were stood up yesterday. Dominic Yodice was working on the Ammo Cage panels for the Pygmy Hippo Cage. Mike Butash was still working in the Gift Shop while Armando Ortiz was getting more of the grass cut. Dennis Eckersley of Peru has been helping in the Wagon Barn. The Wagon building was cleaned some more and the Shop area was worked in as well. Regine Brindle of Peru, continued working on cleaning the Tom Dunwoody Hagenbeck-Wallace Circus Model.

Tuesday – May 2nd

It was chilly outside with a strong wind blowing. Some grass was cut using the tractor and grooming mower but most work was done inside the barns. The Ammo cage panels were laid out to fit on the Pygmy Hippo Cage # 77. One showcase has some broken glass in it that is being removed and will be replaced. Mike Butash is inventorying the Gift Shop. Armando Ortiz, Dominic Yodice and John Wright are all working in the barns. Regine Brindle of Peru, came out to help and had the great opportunity to be cleaning the Tom Dunwoody Hagenbeck Circus Model from inside the Big Top. This is one of Regine’s photos.

Monday – May 1st

A lot of work was done Monday at work week. The driveway going from the front office to the barns was marked out for the new Flag Poles. John Wright got into the Tom Dunwoody Hagenbeck-Circus Model to start vacuuming the display. One of the older Concession stands was moved around outside where it can be worked on and used later this year. Part of the Work week, is the great friendship and fun that is enjoyed by all of those there. This is John Wright’s picture of Armando Ortiz, Dominic Yodice and Mike Butash.


New Signs

The International Circus Hall of Fame will be installing some new Aluminum, 18″ x 24″ historical signs on the existing buildings during work week. These signs will help tell the story of the activities that occurred at the American Circus Corporation winter quarters.

Many Thanks

We would like to Publicly Thank the many contributors that help the International Circus Hall of Fame throughout the course of the year. Your response to the Wheel Fund to repair the Robbins Bros. baggage wagon wheels included a $500.00 donation from the  Beta Gamma Chapter of the PSI IOTA XI Sorority and a $600.00 donation from the Circus Fans Association. There was also a Matching $500.00 Donation from an anonymous donor plus several other contributors. All of this is greatly appreciated.


The American Circus Corporation Two Arch Cage

On March 12, 2017, the former Cap Curtis built cage was loaded up on a trailer to be taken to an Amish wagon master who will rebuild the undercarriage, remove the large steel pieces and restore it to the original spring built suspension. This is the only wagon in Peru that was originally built in the Wagon Shop barn at the International Circus Hall of Fame. This is also referred to as the North Barn. This is another great step in helping preserve the American Circus as known in Peru, Indiana.

( John Wright photos )