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A Restoration Project

Restoring the Many CircusĀ Buildings

In 2018, the Circus Hall of Fame was given a Grant from Indiana Landmarks to begin a structural assessment of the buildings. In October, the Circus Hall of Fame will meet with D & K Construction Company of Flora, Indiana. The Assessment will then provide a priority list of what needs to be fixed first and why.

The Main Office Building of the American Circus Corporation was built in 1922. The small office at the road side location was the nucleus for operations concerning not one or two but three, four and five different circuses all at the same time. Performers were contacted and signed to contracts, Railroad arrangements were made, Advertising was worked out and ordered, supplies were brought in for work for food and for heat. Routes were created to get the show from date to date. Insurance, lawyers, taxes, licenses, and permits, it was all done here.

( as seen in the late 1920s )

In 1944, the winter quarters was sold. It was used as a farming operation. Some folks were allowed to start living in here. By the 1970s, in was being used as a Meat Market and Carriage House. By the late 1980s, people were living in it again. It is now vacant, but filled with stored stuff. It needs a complete roof and possible structural fixes. The windows and doors need to be replaced, the inside gutted and the electric upgraded to modern standards. As the inside is re-furbished, all possible means will be taken to restore this to the original configurations as known.

( as seen in 1972 )

We have started a long term plan of preserving the American Circus Corporation buildings and their heritage. It takes a lot of work and a lot of money. While we are a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization, we receive no State or Government funding. We have started a Go Fund Me Page to help restore this great old Building. You can donate anything at anytime through Go Fund Me by clicking on this link:

Building Restoration Project


or simply mail a Check or Money Order to the Building Fund @

International Circus Hall of Fame

3076 East Circus Lane

Peru, IN. 46970