International Circus Hall of Fame

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Welcome to the International Circus Hall of Fame.  

 We are open. We will provide each visitor with a mask and gloves to be used as they see fit. May you all stay safe. We’ll do all we can to try to keep the Circus Spirit alive for all of you. 

The Circus is COMING! The All American Circus will be at the Circus Hall of Fame, in Peru, IN. under their Blue and White big top on Thursday July 16th, Friday, July 17th and Saturday, July 18th. GET your Tickets TODAY at the:

All American Circus

Don’t miss our Fundraising Auction Friday, July 17th at 7 pm. The online catalogue can be found at the AUCTION.

We are hosting an Arts and Crafts Show on Saturday, July 25th from 9 am to 2 pm. You can request a booth on our upcoming attractions page.

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Our Go Fund Me Page to help preserve the last remaining Circus Buildings in Indiana can be found here.


New Logo    The International Circus Hall of Fame is located in the old circus winter quarters in Peru, Indiana. We are open to the public on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00pm in July and August. We will be open everyday from July 13th to the 25th. Please call us for any other times, by Appointment, only. 

    The Peru Winter Quarters is one of 42 National Historic Landmarks in the state of Indiana.  The activity that took place here influenced not only our state. but our nation’s history. These quarters are where circuses of the past wintered until they left in the spring for a new circus season.

    Circus Greats are enshrined in the museum joined by other exhibits.  These exhibits include colorful circus posters, wagons and models. One of the models is a miniature replica of the 1934 Hagenbeck Wallace Circus.  This model includes  one of the last great street parades and carried one of the  largest circus menageries.  

    You can enjoy some great videos about the Circus Hall of Fame and the history of the Peru Circus Winter Quarters on our YouTube Channel at CHOF VIDEOS

    The cost of Admission is $5.00 for adults and $2.50 for children ages 6-12.  Ages under 5 are FREE!  All military personnel are FREE with proper ID!